Central City Trip Report

My wife and I visited Central City, Colorado on September 23. We stayed in Black Hawk for this trip. 

Our first impression of Central City, Colorado

The first impression of Central City is that it is much smaller than I was expecting. I thought it would be more like Deadwood. It is maybe half the size with only one property that felt like a resort. The rest were in old buildings with small hotels or storefronts converted into gaming establishments.

It definitely has a Wild West feel. We walked through every casino in town in about one hour. It was a fun experience in a casino town we had never visited. 

Walking around Central City

We parked at Century Casino. It was easy to find a space. We walked to Johnny Z’s Casino. It has two stories of slots, video poker and electronic table games. It offers a couple of dining options, a bar and a lounge area.

The next stop was Famous Bonanza Casino. This is an interesting casino. Most of its slot machines operated on coins. I had not seen a coin penny slot in at least a decade. One title is Kenny Roger’s Gambler, a classic among many others there. Coin slots ran up to the $5 denomination. There were no coin video poker machines. The poker was all ticket-in ticket-out.

We checked out Century Casino next. It is the largest of the downtown Central City casinos. It has two stories and a hotel. The bottom level is the restaurant. The casino floor is all slot machines with a video poker bar. The back area has video poker, electronic table games and live ones. This included $5 blackjack that stands on all 17’s and allows players to split aces more than once. This is a great deal for blackjack players.

We returned to the main casino shops. We briefly went into Dostal Alley. It is a small slot hall with a large bar area. Easy Street Casino was next. It is related to Famous Bonanza. It had a variety of coin and ticket slot and video poker machines.

The last Central City casino to see was Grand Z. It is on the way to Black Hawk. It is the most modern of the Central City casinos. It has a hotel and dining. There are two large floors of casino games. It includes a large selection of live and electronic table games. There is a wide selection of slots and video poker, including many new titles.

I spent a few dollars on the coin slots at Famous Bonanza and Easy Street. I played some Six Card Bonus Poker at Grand Z. I enjoy playing unique games like these. 

The verdict

There is some good gambling in Central City. There is full pay 9/6 Bonus Poker Deluxe at Grand Z. The blackjack games stand on all 17’s. The nostalgia of a coin slot casino may be worth the visit alone to some players. 

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