There are four live poker rooms in Colorado casinos. All are in Black Hawk. These are Ameristar, Golden Gates, Isle Casino and Monarch Casino. There is another at Midnight Rose in Cripple Creek, but it is closed. All Colorado poker rooms seat up to nine players per table.

Black Hawk, Colorado

Ameristar poker room

There are 11 tables in the Ameristar poker room. It is open 24 hours a day.

The main games are no limit Texas hold’em. The blinds are generally 1/3 or 2/5. The buy-in for 1/3 is $100 to $300. It is $200 to $700 for 2/5. If a 5/10 runs, it is $500 to $2,000. These games have two bad beat jackpots.

Pot limit Omaha has 1/3/5, 5/5 and 5/10 pot limit Omaha during busy hours. The buy-ins are $100-$300, $200 to $700 and $500 to $2,000, respectively. The other regular game is a 30/60 fixed limit Texas hold’em game.

There are two bad beat jackpots at Ameristar. The primary requires quads or better to lose. The other is a mini bad beat where aces full or better qualifies.

Poker players earn $1 an hour in food comps or $0.50 in free play per hour when clocked in with a mychoice card. Four hours of action in a day receives a reduced hotel rate. Five hours of live poker play in a day gets a bus reimbursement.

Bally’s (formerly Golden Gates) poker room

The Bally’s poker room is in Black Hawk. There are 17 tables. It opens at 8am daily. It closes at 2am all nights except Friday and Saturday, when it closes at 3am.

The main game is 1/3 no limit Texas hold’em with a $100 to $300 buy-in. The 2/5 game runs at busier times. Its buy-in is $200 to $1,000. There may be a pot limit Omaha or Big O game during busier hours.

Cash game players earn $1 an hour in comps.  Other promotions include Monte Carlo hand giveaways and hourly bonuses. Players that give 20 hours of qualifying poker action in a week receive $50 in cash. It goes up to $75 at 30 hours and $100 at 40 hours.

The Colorado Poker Championship will be at Bally’s from September 8 through September 29. It is an MSPT event.

Bally’s (formerly Golden Gates) poker tournaments

There are daily poker tournaments at Golden Gates. All are no limit Texas hold’em. The 10am tournament has a $60 buy-in Monday through Thursday and an $80 one on Fridays and Sundays. The noon is $80 Monday through Thursday, $300 on Friday and Sunday. The 7pm is $60 Monday through Wednesday and $140 on other nights.

The major Saturday tournament is a $500 no limit hold’em event. It starts at 11am. It offers a deep starting stack of 40,000. Limits go up every 30 minutes.

Isle Casino

The Isle Casino is home to nine poker tables. It opens at 9am on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. It is closed Monday through Wednesday. It currently deals only cash games. Isle Casino had poker tournaments on weekend nights before the pandemic closure but has not brought these back.

The two usual games at the Isle Casino in Black Hawk are 2-10 spread limit and 1/3 no limit Texas hold’em. The no limit buy-in is $100 to $500.

The Isle Poker room is at the top of the escalators on the second level. It is near the Lady Luck parking elevators and front desk. A bathroom and smoking terrace are within the poker room.


The Monarch poker room opened in May 2021. It has 11 tables. It is open 24 hours a day.

The main games are 1/3 and 2/5 no limit Texas hold’em. The buy-ins are $100 to $500 for 1/3 and $200 to $1,500 for 2/5. A regular 1/3 pot limit Omaha game has a $100 minimum buy-in and no cap. There is often a 30/60 fixed limit and 5/10 no limit Texas hold’em game when it is busy.

There is a bad beat jackpot. A $200 every two hour high hand runs from midnight to 8am daily.

Cripple Creek

Midnight Rose (temporarily closed)

The Midnight Rose is in Cripple Creek. It is the only poker room outside Black Hawk in Colorado. It is temporarily closed due to pandemic restrictions. When in operation, it has eight tables. It opens Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 10am. It opens an hour earlier on Saturdays. The poker room closes when the last game breaks.

The main cash games are 2-20 and 2-100 spread limit. The blinds are $1 and $2 in each. A 5/10 seven card stud hi/lo is dealt on Thursdays. There is a 5/10 Omaha hi/lo on Saturdays. Before the closure, Midnight Rose dealt a tournament on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Colorado poker room FAQ

How many poker rooms are there in Colorado?

There are five Colorado poker rooms. However, one is temporarily closed.

Where are Colorado poker rooms located?

Four are in Black Hawk. The other is in Cripple Creek.

Are there any poker rooms in Central City, Colorado?

There are no poker rooms in Central City. 

What is the main poker game in Colorado?

No limit Texas hold’em with 1/3 blinds is the most popular game.

What is the maximum bet at Colorado poker rooms?

There are no maximum bets in Colorado poker rooms. No limit games are now legal.

Which Colorado casinos deal poker tournaments?

Bally’s, formerly Golden Gates, is the only Colorado poker room that currently deals poker tournaments.

Are Colorado poker rooms open?

Yes. Black Hawk poker rooms were permitted to reopen on February 10, 2021. Midnight Rose’s poker room in Cripple Creek is temporarily closed.

Last updated: September 1, 2021